John Colby (Founding Partner)
John Colby is a Founding Partner of BxC. Since founding BxC, John has Produced and Directed several films, including Searching Hope Springs, Spit Boys, Purple Virtue, and Lavished. John has worked on numerous projects, including music videos, commercials and narrative films. His role in the project management aspect of BxC has spearheaded the company to greater heights. His work has been nominated for several awards amongst the years and has won best score and best edit to name a few. “People say I light up when I talk about BxC. It’s my passion and there’s nothing better in life than doing what you love. I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to me, but doing this, doing what I love, it’s what my heart beats for.” – John Colby
Kyle Bailey (Founding Partner)
Formerly crowned as NYC’s most sought-after independent music video director, Kyle Bailey continues to grow astutely using innovative tactics. Along with his partner John Colby, co-founder of BxC, Kyle’s role in this mastermind has helped propel BxC into one of the top vivacious entertainment companies of NYC. As an executive, he assists in the marketing and executive production of the company’s projects. Mr Bailey sees BxC achieving bigger accomplishments by bridging the world of entertainment through innovative strategies.
Jamie Rae Galland (ProWorkshop Executive Vice President)
Jamie Rae Galland is a top NYC freelance makeup artist in the film and entertainment industry. Professionally practicing for several years, Jamie is highly recommended and well known throughout the tri-state area. Her love for film and makeup artistry began on sets during childhood, as well as, during her training and licensing completion, well before graduating high school. This NYC native had trained under several world renowned artists, all while graduating from the reputable MakeUpDesignory (MUD) with her certificate in multimedia make up artistry. In her most recent years of her career Jamie has been head of her department and key artist on several narrative films as well as instructing seminars throughout manhattan. Her creativity ranges from Beauty to horror/sci-fi SPFX and much more. Aside from her talent and artistic ability,Jamie’s diligence knowledge and professionalism are outstanding and guaranteed to show through her work.